CIZE dance workout is designed for all beginners and advanced players

Cize was designed to make working out fun, helping you lose weight while dancing and sweating to the hottest moves and the latest hits. CIZE is a cardio based workout program that will make you forget everything you dread about working out.cize-dance

With CIZE, exercise won’t be a chore, it will be something fun to do that you actually look forward to. You will essentially be dancing you way to fitness in just 4 weeks with a new dance fitness program developed by leading celebrity fitness trainer and dance instructor Shaun T.

CIZE may be the end of exercise—but it’s not the end of hard work. CIZE keeps you moving the whole time by constantly introducing new moves that give you cardio training, strengthen your core, and tone every muscle—all at once. If you’re going to be doing Cize plus kickboxing, you probably want the meal plan with more containers. You want to eat enough to have energy for your workouts. Just pay attention to how your body feels.

The choreography is broken down, step-by-step, move-by-move, and builds into a full dance routine. And at the end, you’ll get to CIZE IT UP to the some of the hottest tracks. You’ll be so focused on mastering the moves that for 40-45 minutes you’ll forget you’re actually burning fat and calories,cize-deluxe-dvd

Not to make this longer than necessary though, I’m now leaving you with my Meri, who made friends with Cize for a month, and is here to tell you everything you need to know about it. It’s been fun to take part in a workout review. Let’s start there. Four weeks of doing the day in and day out, followed by taking notes, analyzing moves, taking measurements…

CIZE LIVE is professional dance for everyday people! This isn’t one of those dance-lite workouts where you just shuffle your feet to the beat. Created by Shaun T, world famous choreographer and fitness trainer, CIZE LIVE breaks down professionally choreographed routines, step-by-step. Before you know it, you’ll be bustin’ out hip moves to the hottest music around. It’s so fun, you’ll forget you’re working out” I’ll admit, I went into this with a bit of a crappy attitude and that’s just not usually me. I’m a throw myself in head first and go kind of person. Not when it came to Cize though.

Cize takes only 4 weeks. And this is another reason why I love it. Whereas workouts like P90X go up to 3 months, this makes it easier for you to keep your motivation and attitude right where they’re supposed to be. cize-workout-shaun-tWhen you start Cize, the first workout session is titled Crazy 8s. Depending on how well you manage to complete this session, you will chose either the beginner or the advanced calendar.

Week 1 was mixed for me. I decided after one pass through the first workout, “Crazy 8s,” that I definitely needed to follow the beginner track. There’s 2 options for Cize, beginner and advanced, and based on how you feel after that first workout, you’re supposed to choose the better fit for you. Need I say more?

“When Carl called me about the new Cize workout,  I was excited because that’s my kind of work out! I am a dancer by nature and that’s the best way for me to get a work out in,” Chilli explains. Having Chilli do a song specifically for CIZE was a huge coup for Daikeler and fans that tuned in to Chilli’s social media takeover. With lyrics like “anything you want, anything you need, you got to work for it, don’t give up, you got to believe,” Chilli says she hopes “Body” inspires people as they focus on their health and weight loss goals. “Everyone gets discouraged sometimes.

And initially, what he was saying made sense. Instead of touting some super ultimate amazing exercise program secret that would be magic, he was saying something far different: forget exercise, you’re already doing what you need to do in your regular life. An interesting distraction from staring at boring literature and stats, while preparing my thesis. Losing my love handles I definitely think that Cize can melt anything away.cize-results

The End of ExercizeTM is here. Forget treadmills, squats, burpees, and barbells. Get ready to dance your way to fit in just 4 weeks. This isn’t your typical “dance-lite” workout. You’ll challenge yourself to learn professional dance choreography, step-by-step, move-by-move. At the end of each course, you’ll be able to bust out a full dance routine to songs from the CIZE playlist!

I found myself trying it again 2 days later and surprisingly discovered much like “Crazy 8s,” it was easier the 2nd time through. In spite of my assumption that I would tolerate Cize, I “might” have had some fun with it that day and the day after that and the day after that. Enough fun at least to convince me to start week 3 the other day.

Besides being featured in the workout video, Chilli got in the studio and created a workout song titled “Body” that goes along with the CIZE workout routine. So with 2 weeks under my belt, I’m not just liking Cize, it’s turned out to be the perfect summer workout for me. Want more info on Cize? Drop me a note below and I’ll get back to you with the details!Cize-Shaun-T

Due to a work issue early this morning, I wasn’t able to do my CIZE workout and actually felt guilty about it.  LOL!… I’ll do it later tonight. How are things going? I just started Cize yesterday and MAN am I sore!! I also got a terrible headache for the rest of the day after I finished, and it’s making me not want to do it again, but I know I need to power through or I will never improve. I’m glad someone else is new to Cize as well!

Cize offers two choices- two calendars to follow- and below I’ll explain how you go about deciding which one to follow and how they work respectively. Writing this review was more fun than I though. And I can say the same for doing the Cize workout. It was uplifting, and affected my mood in a way I cannot start to describe.

If you’re looking for boring cardio, then stop reading. But if you’re looking to have fun working out and dancing, then this Cize workout review is for you. How is Cize on the Knees? Not bad. Unlike the famed Insanity workout, there aren’t really high impact maneuvers in Cize. Everything is pretty fluid, so your knees will likely be just fine. Disclaimer: always ask your doctor! Hey Melody, glad to hear that. Determination is all it takes! So glad you are enjoying Cize. Cize-ScheduleI wish these types of workouts were around when I was growing up, would have been so much fun and easy to stay in shape.

Unlike other dance programs, CIZE is designed for all levels, whether you’re a beginner or your skills are more advanced. And with CIZE now available at home, on the go, online or at a group fitness class in a local gym, Beachbody is once again making it easy for anyone to achieve their personal fitness and weight-loss goals.

Only thing I would urge you to consider is getting in somewhat of a better shape before using extra resistance i.e. if the body is not yet used to any stress whatsoever, it is not particularly wise to go and up the bar. For a couch potato like myself before trying CIZE, one week would be fine, and then the weights make more sense.

Once the session is done, I feel refreshed and look forward to the next day.  Sometimes, I do the additional ‘cize it up’ session right after the workout is done. Aside from healthier eating habits and some weight training, people are so surprised to hear that Cize is a big part of my regimen.Cize-home-workout-DVDs

But once you do put them together, you start to see that you do in fact have a natural rhythm to your movements, and best of all, you start realizing that that rhythm can be brought out to get you sweating very quickly. Many people report that after even a couple good sessions of working out with programs like CIZE that they suddenly start thinking about their diet, their morning routines, almost everything. Anyone who purchases CIZE can also sign up for Beachbody On Demand, the company’s new streaming service that provides access to the largest library of complete fitness programs.

Cize is Shaun T ’s newest workout that finds him going back to the sort of dance workouts that started it all. Sound fun? Then maybe you should just go ahead and try it for yourself and see…for free. Don’t call it a workout. But great dancing the way we’ve designed it is hard work. The more you get into it, the more you’ll get out of it. You WILL drip sweat. And you WON’T stop moving.cizedanceworkout

Beachbody fans, TLC fans and fitness fans can see Chilli’s CIZE collaboration with Shaun T. You’ll be so in the zone mastering the moves, you’ll forget you’re working out—and getting in the best shape of your life. The more you get into it, the more you get out of it. CIZE makes exercise fun by incorporating dance moves that not only provide cardio training, core strengthening and toning, but also gets participants moving to today’s hottest music.

Cize is a cardio based workout, so worry not. If your goal is to get lean, especially in the lower part of the body, Cize fits perfectly. Besides, it is very low impact, so your ankles wouldn’t hurt like with other more demanding routines. The Cize It Up is about two times as fast as the lesson, but who cares? It is so much fun. Thanks for writing so eloquently how I feel about Cize!

After about a year of going nowhere, I really dreaded working out. I mean dreaded like you wouldn’t believe. I thought nothing could fix this. So when the CIZE DVDs came, before I even unwrapped them, I wondered if this was going to be the same. Still, when I looked at them and saw Shaun T, I was reminded of the video I watched on YouTube.Cize Results

Shaun T developed CIZE with the belief and the vision that everyone can dance. CIZE LIVE is within reach for everyone, because it’s all based on moves that everyone has done with their bodies. Whether you love or hate working out, if you?enjoy dancing or want?to learn to dance, the Cize Shaun T Dance Workout DVD Base Kit should be right up your alley.

Cize is easing you into dancing. Funny to reflect upon the previous month in this way, but the first time I pushed the play button, my feet decided not to cooperate. And here is the thing- watching the videos before getting in your shoes will make you think that there is no way that you will be as coordinated as the bunch on screen, yet alone in less than a month.

What an amazing review! I didn’t even have any questions. You covered everything very clearly, including things I would have never even thought to consider. I am purchasing and look forward to starting this new workout program. I am looking to tone up and slim down before summer creeps up on me! It is always an achievement when a scholar histori cizes “market” practices that have been ideologically naturalized.Cizeworkout

In each routine, Shaun T breaks down challenging dance moves step-by-step, and builds them into a full routine that runs between 35 and 40 minutes long. Mastering the moves requires hard work, practice, and dedication that will torch fat and calories. It is all choreographed to great music to keep everyone energized and moving.

Another positive aspect is motivation! I’m very motivated to dance every day and continue with the program. No other exercise program I have done in the past actually made me look forward to working out like CIZE does. There really is no other core or cardio workout like CIZE.

The cize dance program comes with two calendars to choose from, a beginner or an advanced, depending on how comfortable you feel with learning a new dance workout. Crazy 8’s: (30 minutes) This is the starter workout. You will complete this workout on day 1 to determine which calendar you should follow for the remainder of the program, beginner or advanced. If you struggle with picking up the Crazy 8’s moves then you’ll want to follow the beginner calendar.Cize-Shirt

I am ready to step it up a notch with my Live Fit Training clients starting this week, but I am so happy to have CIZE in my workout repertoire and will definitely be coming back to do it again in the near future! Complete review of Beachbody’s new CIZE workout program by celebrity trainer, Shaun T. Get the scoop on the CIZE workout meal plan, results, and more!

Speaking of high impact, is CIZE Dance Workout suitable for everyone? Our cast makes it fun to learn to dance in these exhilarating, calorie-scorching dance courses. They break down each routine, step-by-step, move-by-move, slowly building up to a full combination. At the end of the session, you’ll perform a full routine to a song from the CIZE playlist. But don’t be fooled, as the program progresses, the courses get more challenging.

There are a variety of ways to order the CIZE program. You can get the basic CIZE package, the CIZE Deluxe DVD package or the CIZE Challenge Pack. The basic CIZE DVD package includes 6 dance course workouts on 3 different DVDs. It also includes an Eat Up! Meal Plan, Get Started Guide, Weekend Survival Guide, 2 Wall Calendars, 8 Count Abs Bonus Workout.cize-workout-step

Along with learning some cool new dance moves, with the Cize Workout DVD you will burn calories and fat, as you tone and sculpt your muscles. Crazy 8s is a 35 minute hip-hop segment, that will leave you sweating.?After learning all of the?moves, you will dance to?Timbaland’s, Hands In The Air. Living in the 8s ties everything together.?Concluding with Chandelier by Sia, at 51 minutes it is the longest of the sessions.

What makes Cize Dance Workout effective and unique? CIZE keeps you moving the whole time by constantly introducing new moves that give you cardio training, strengthen your core, and tone every muscle—all at once!

I have now completed the Cize workouts and I have videos and heart rate analysis data to report for each dance workout. First off, the program is a BLAST and I have looked forward to the workouts each morning. The learning curve is STEEP. I found the choreography very challenging at times.cize_8-photo

But before a week goes by you will be more coordinated than ever- that’s why I think Shaun T is a great instructor. He makes it seemingly na?ve looking and easy. Which in turn means that Cize is excellent for beginners and people who never danced before. That way you are burning more abdominal fat. Harder though, but hey- it’s 8 minutes, remember?  Cize it up, and enjoy the beat.

Over the course of an hour, you can burn anywhere between 370 and 610 calories, depending on the type of dancing you’re doing (e.g. hip hop, ballroom, country western, etc.), pace, and weight (generally, the heavier you are the more calories you’ll burn). Remember though, we’re only told the length of one CIZE video, which is 35 minutes.

My husband ordered Cize for us last week & it should be here by Thursday. Reading your review made me feel at ease about trying this program. Here’s my question. I LOVE dancing & hubby has two left feet (but he’s still willing to do this with me, bless him). What I can tell you though is that Cize is slowly breaking down the steps. This, I believe, might allow you to slowly learn a modified version of your own whenever you cannot follow the actual move (a slight change here and there).CizeWomen

The CIZE Deluxe DVD Package includes everything that you get with the basic CIZE package plus two additional calorie crushing dance workouts with faster paced routines, weighted wristbands to tone up and the LOSE IT!

It might sound really simple, but in my mind, this is the first part that worked really well. I hadn’t even gotten started yet, but Shaun T had surprisingly already pumped me up a little bit, caught my attention, and given me that little kick of motivation I really needed when most everything else I had tried had failed.

I’d like to say this workout is for everyone, but I want to give an honest Cize review. If you hate dancing, you likely won’t enjoy the workout. I’m not saying if you can’t dance, just saying if you don’t like it. Don’t let the fear of “not being able” to dance keep you from this workout. Not at all.cize-21-day-fix-hybrid-calendar The beauty of it is that Shaun teaches you the moves throughout the workout, and you practice them over and over. You put them together one by one to instrumental music. The entire thing eventually culminates as you put all the moves together at the end, combined with the actual soundtrack.

Ready to challenge yourself and show off your moves front and center? Before you know it, you’ll be performing to Pass That Dutch, originally recorded by Missy Elliott. 35 minutes of dancing and sweating to our favorite moves, many of which you’ll see throughout the program. At the end you get to perform the routine to Hands In The Air originally recorded by Timbaland.

Based on the heart rate data gathered during this experiment, Cize workouts are on average equal to or better than than running outdoors. On average, normalized calories burned/minute during the Cize workouts was comparable to running 30 minutes at a 10 minute mile pace. Without taking workout time into account, 5 of the 6 Cize workouts yielded higher total calories burned compared to running. Weekends can be difficult when you’re trying to lose weight and your friends are out socializing.?With the information contained in the Weekend Survival Guide, you won’t have to miss out on the fun.?Cizepopular

If you are the kind of person that loves to dance and are looking for a fun way to exercise, I cannot recommend Cize highly enough. Shaun T has choreographed some amazing workouts that will be in my rotation for years to come. I was impressed with the cardiovascular intensity of the workouts.

After so many other programs, I almost can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. And without any crazy supplements or wacky tips, just straightforward dance moves and the easy to follow meal plan they included. Here is the problem… If you feel unproductive after a workout session that still allows you to stand on your feet, forget the Cize workout. Yes, you will sweat a lot and experience some struggle, but nothing close to what other workouts are putting you through.

Along with the dance segments, included with the Cize Shaun T Base Kit is?a Start Guide, a Meal Plan, two?Workout Calendars and a Weekend Survival Guide.?Used in conjunction with the workouts, this gives you?everything you need to totally transform your shape for the better.cize-exercise-results

You’re only shown snippets of CIZE’s dance routines on their website, but if we’re being honest, they seem like they might be a little overwhelming for someone who is new to dancing. Again, if you’re a stranger to the dance floor, it’s reasonable to assume this might be the case. Shaun even addresses this possibility on the CIZE Dance Workout website.

Just wanted to let you know your review helped me make up my mind and I’ve decided to try Cize. My mom has been talking about buying this for awhile and I was skeptical. Because I had previously purchsed Zumba and didn’t like most of the music and found the steps difficult to master. So, fingers crossed that Cize will be the redeemer of dance workout for me! Thanks again for your review!

You’ve made it to Level 2 so get ready to get winded in this over-the-top, all-out dance routine. Before long, you’ll be front and center dancing to the song LOSE MY BREATH, originally recorded by Destiny’s Child. I couldn’t start another program that I felt obligated to do, I wanted something that made me actually get up and care. The next day I got around to opening up the DVDs and popping them in. It honestly was like no other program I had ever experienced.cizedvdset

When you purchase this Cize Shaun T program, you can opt to connect with a coach. Your coach will answer any questions you have about the program, motivate and encourage you and provide free fitness and nutritional advice.?Most coaches have private Facebook groups where members can chat.?

And this is the second big thing that worked for me. Instead of making me feel awkward (like I half expected) or making me second guess what I was doing, CIZE took a totally different approach. Cize is a workout program that claims to be the end of workout. It is supposed to resemble a modern version of Zumba, blending together contemporary hip music with fitness moves that will have you sweating buckets.

I’m a 50 yr old guy and I thought I’d give Cize a try. I’m not a BeachBody coach and have no affiliation with BeachBody. I just want to share my positive experience with Cize and give a middle-aged guy’s perspective. Go to the bottom of the review to see updates on my overall perspective of the Cize program over time.

The CIZE challenge pack includes everything that comes with the CIZE Basic DVD package plus a 30 day supply of Beachbody’s super food nutritional shake Shakeology.Cizecannotstop

Cize doesn’t share this problem – you can work out with Cize whenever you like because it doesn’t leave you drained of energy, but in fact makes you more relaxed and focused. Again, rhythm is to blame, as well as coordination boosting moves that enhance cognitive capacity. My fiancé meditates – I do Cize.

CIZE workouts are unique in that they include dance moves you would not typically see in a dance fitness program. CIZE workouts include a wide variety of moves that are challenging yet doable. CIZE users can go at their own pace and follow Shaun T through basic, easy to learn moves.

Just follow the moves as he teaches them to me

cize dance workout is rated 4.7 out of 5 by 169 votes.

You don’t have to stand up. You can do cize workout this very discreetly. Cross your arms, then open them. Then put your left hand on your right shoulder as if you’re wiping something off. Then open your arms and put your right hand on your left shoulder. Then open your arms again. So cross, open, left shoulder, open, right shoulder, open cross.Like in some of the hip-hop routines, your quads start to burn and you’re on the balls of your feet, so you’ll gain more definition in your calves, and you will definitely lose inches around your waist.


It’s an overall cardio and toning program where you won’t be using weights or doing push-ups.3540One difference is that these routines are made to the songs, where as in Hip Hop Abs and Rockin’ Body, it didn’t really matter what song you were listening cize beachbody to or what track was on. It was just how you did the routines, where these routines are specifically made to CIZE up to these particular songs.And it’s all choreographed to the latest pop music to keep you energized and moving, so you’ll get a great workout while learning the kinds of dance moves you see in music videos and on dance shows. Stick with Shaun T and you’ll be dancing from Day One!What does this mean? Be the first to get Cize and join my exclusive online test group where we will complete cize program together.We chatted with him all about it. But first, Shaun wants to prove it to you—right now—that you can dance….even if you don’t think you can. Just follow the moves as he teaches them to me.And it’s all choreographed to the latest pop music to keep you energized and moving, so you’ll get a great workout while learning the kinds of dance moves you see in music videos and on dance shows. Stick with Shaun T and you’ll be dancing from Day One!

I will be running a test group shortly after Cize is released

Like in some of the hip-hop routines, your quads start to burn and you’re on the balls of your feet, so you’ll gain more definition in your calves, and you will definitely lose inches around your waist. So even if you don’t know cize how to dance, you can learn all the moves. While you are learning to master the dance moves, you’ll also be burning fat and calories. If you think you can’t dance without drinking, don’t worry, we’ll be in this together in our homes with no one else watching!You know you’ve mastered a CIZE routine if you don’t need to listen to me.


Shaun breaks down the routines, step-by-step, move-by-move, and builds them into a full dance workout.YES!! I will be running a test group shortly after Cize is released! What does this mean? Be the first to get cize dance workout and join my exclusive online test group where we will complete the program together. You’ll get access to my personalized meal plans as well as daily tips and motivation to help you get MAXIMUM results!!the Cize is choreographed to the latest pop music that Shaun T has picked out.You know you’ve mastered a CIZE routine if you don’t need to listen to me. If you can just listen to the music and do the routine.Your cardio will skyrocket if you actually really work it out and push yourself. With dancing, you can, cize dance like anything else, be lazy or you can go for it. So if you go for it, you’ll lose weight and get toned. Like in some of the hip-hop routines, your quads start to burn and you’re on the balls of your feet, so you’ll gain more definition in your calves, and you will definitely lose inches around your waist.The music and moves are new and have all been updated. In Cize, it’s all about the music!!

Shaun T has a new program on the way

Cize is choreographed to the latest pop music that Shaun T has picked out.Have you heard?Get into great shape at home with Shaun T’s newest, cize dance intense dance fitness program. You’ll have so much fun challenging yourself to master the dance choreography during this 4-week program that you won’t even realize you are getting a great cardio workout. Shaun T has a new program on the way! Cize is a dance program that’s going to help you melt off the pounds.You shouldn’t be afraid because it’s in the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to worry about people watching.


The hottest new workout from Shaun T is COMING! The end of cize workout will be landing in the middle of July.To learn more about this exciting new dance program from the people who are in it and know it better than anybody, sign up below and we will send you all the exclusive info and more!This program is for everyone! It’s not high impact like Insanity, Max: 30 or the Asylum workouts. This is just taking moves that you already know and putting them together into a dance routine with awesome music.“CIZE” is the “end of exercise!” Shaun T’s newest dance fitness program is so much fun, you won’t even realize you are exercising! In each routine, Shaun breaks down the moves step-by-step and builds them into a full dance routine.Your cardio will skyrocket if you actually really work it out and push yourself. With dancing, you can, like anything else, be lazy or you can go for it. So if you go for it, you’ll lose weight and get toned. In each routine, Shaun breaks down challenging moves step-by-step, and builds them into a full dance sequence in just 35-40 minutes. So, while you are mastering the dance moves, you’ll also be burning fat and calories.

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